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The angel's of the Journey 'Believing in Harvey'

I am Frank Muldowney, who created Harvey an imaginative character as symbol for peace, respect, love, happiness, and the best way to get him known was by walking across a large coutry, Australia.

To plan a journey like this you need funding, publicity, experience which I was lacking, and most of all, you need someone who is happy to change your life for something you believe in - that hasn't been created yet.

In April 2006 after some extra-ordinary circumstances, Amanda McHugh and Michael McHugh with their daughter Kia (2), took the role as coach, cook, driver, writer and everything else they can do to help me on this imaginative journey.

Taking the time to support someone elses dream, and raise a child, and do what you can to support your own dream is on the verge of complete stupidity of extreme committment. I think the latter, and they are the the wheels of this vehicle, that I know many will never see these wheels, tyres, air, oil but will only see the vehicle itself. I however will always remember that they made this dream a reality, and Harvey will be known through their efforts.

For a year now, I have seen the bravery, and courage that what this family have, and Amanda, who created a book of vision, dreams, and simple messages of kindness.

I have learned more from Amanda and Mick about their way of living, and I have been touched by them so many times it sometimes in questions about society itself.

Amanda is the one I know wants to write a book to inspire young women growing in a very pressurized society, and her own experiences will help with one on one conversations and of course her own book. I believe it will inspire many and I hope this will be published through this imaginative and different story.

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